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  • Lianne S. Escher

    Great vimeo! Could you do more? As for retreats: I’ll be ready to play with coIor. I CAN’T WAIT!!! I need to take a look at the self-publishing material I’ve been collecting and then we can get on with designing the book cover – you and I. YEA!

    • gwen fox

      I almost didn’t post this video because it seemed so silly but went ahead anyway….thanks for the assurance that it was worthy of watching. Yes, I can’t wait to see you and play with color…lots of color. Also can’t wait to talk about the publishing possibilities.

  • Mary Kinzelberg

    Great video Gwen. Loved it!
    Thank you!
    Much luv,
    PS: I’m publishing a fiction book I never mentioned and have to also design a book cover as someone else I read on your blog said. I will perhaps need to consult with you. I wrote it over 7 years and can’t wait to send you a copy. Lmk in a private email: marykinzelberg@yahoo.com how and when to consult on this. Thx!!!

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