What To Do…When You Don’t Know What To Do

This morning I recorded a short video for you all – what to do when you’re out of ideas, and you just don’t know what to do!

What to do…when you don't know what to do… from gwen fox on Vimeo.


What do you think? Comment below:

  • Lianne S. Escher

    Great vimeo! Could you do more? As for retreats: I’ll be ready to play with coIor. I CAN’T WAIT!!! I need to take a look at the self-publishing material I’ve been collecting and then we can get on with designing the book cover – you and I. YEA!

    • gwen fox

      I almost didn’t post this video because it seemed so silly but went ahead anyway….thanks for the assurance that it was worthy of watching. Yes, I can’t wait to see you and play with color…lots of color. Also can’t wait to talk about the publishing possibilities.

  • Mary Kinzelberg

    Great video Gwen. Loved it!
    Thank you!
    Much luv,
    PS: I’m publishing a fiction book I never mentioned and have to also design a book cover as someone else I read on your blog said. I will perhaps need to consult with you. I wrote it over 7 years and can’t wait to send you a copy. Lmk in a private email: marykinzelberg@yahoo.com how and when to consult on this. Thx!!!

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