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Discover what accelerates your art career, and how to stand out from the other 5 million artists around the world so you can continue sharing your gifts with the world full-time!

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What you'll leave the webinar with...

  • Learn what to look for and when to look inward...

    ...There comes a point when you think your skills and techniques are enough. And continuing on that path gives you little returns. Learn where to spend your time and what to nurture, so you fast-track getting your Art noticed.

  • The 3 ‘MUST’ tell “i’s” to include when…

    ...Talking about your Art with an interested gallery owner or collector to get them as excited as you are. During this webinar, you’ll learn the “i’s” to include about your Art's story to excite and entice!

  • How to stand out with…

    ...5 million artists in the world. And even if only 10% want to make a good living as a professional artist, that’s still 500,000 artists in the world to compete with. Learn what you need, to make yourself stand out and sell your Art.

More about me!

Hi, I’m Gwen Fox, professional artist, workshop teacher, and artist coach. I’ve been a professional artist for more than 41 years. I specialize in helping artists become professionals. To make this transformation, I walk them through creating  art that tells a story to choosing their unique design, colors, edges, and shapes so their pieces evoke emotion the moment someone sees them .

As a professional artist, you’ll find my original work displayed in the famous Fermoy Art Gallery, Kings Lynn, England, hanging alongside work by His Royal Highness Prince Phillip, and in the Catherine Lorillard Wolf Art Club in New York.

I’ve been the featured artist at  one person shows in Hawaii, England, Washington D.C., Taos, NM, and Colorado, where I currently live for part of each year.

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↓ Success from other artists using the 3 Silent Secrets. ↓

“…developing my personal artistic voice and speaking about it in a distinct way and I would say it is invaluable. I have put it to use even in the last two days….I sold because of it. Getting the concept of asking questions…what are they looking for letting them make the choice to buy.”

“Inspired by my grandsons simple watercolor painting, I challenged myself to use his palette, and come up with a strong, simple, design. I think I drew, 5 thumbnails, then grabbed the largest gessoed canvas I had and went to work. I had my colors, big brushes, and I knew I had a strong design and it had a title…Finding Refuge… This painting came together in an hour!! It was crazy!… Thank you for helping me find my voice.”

“Decided to bring art back to the front about 5 years ago…I had reached a plateau and needed a boost…to launch in a good direction… I feel more confident, ok to screw things up and I feel much safer trying to be an artist.”

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