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The next Masterclass will begin February 6th

How To Create Captivating Art With Your Unique Style That Tells A Story While Evoking Emotion

In this 3-month masterclass you’ll discover how to take all of your ‘artistic skills’ and apply them to the ‘business’ of being a successful, profitable artist.

It can be frustrating to get countless rejection letters from shows and galleries and not know why… 

(Or maybe you don’t even know how to approach a gallery!)

Or have your artwork classified as “refrigerator” paintings when you show your friends, family or colleagues.

Especially after all the work you’ve put into your passion investing your time into classes to show you the latest techniques to turn your artwork into something you can be proud to show others…

But sometimes you already know enough, and learned enough. More classes on skill and technique start to give you diminishing returns.


So if it’s not more classes on skill and technique, then what is it that makes a painting like the masters’? Or at least one that gets into shows different than yours?

What’s that extra 1% that will turn your submission from receiving a generic rejection letter to one which earns a unique acceptance?

OR, what about revealing your paintings you show your colleagues, friends and family, and it hits them right in the heart rather than thinking their 8-year did something like that last month?

This private masterclass with 15 artists will guide you and show you how to create captivating art through your unique style that tells a story and evokes emotion.

Whatever your level is right now it doesn’t matter. As long as you’re willing to put in the work to grow yourself.

You might be coming from different backgrounds such as:

  • You’ve already submitted to shows and galleries in the past
  • You’re an amateur/hobby artist trying to become  a professional one
  • You have a full-time job

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As long as you have the inner desire, we’ll bring to surface what makes your skills unique and put it on the canvas.

A 3-month journey with me, this masterclass will have 7 Modules. In between these modules we’ll do live training sessions including:

  • Weekly critiques of your work (be assured in the direction you’re going),
  • Weekly live webinars to get immediate answers to any burning question to keep your momentum going (you’ll also get recordings to relive the magic).


The Masterclass helped me to better “see” my work and the work of my classmates and use the language of critique to evaluate why I did or didn’t like something. The welcoming and supportive environment with Gwen and the class increased my confidence to continue experimenting in my particular style. The various assignments were all very helpful and in particular the accountability of regular meets with Gwen and the class to review the assigned work provided direct feedback that is missing when I work solo without a critique group.

My work continues to expand and develop, thanks to the encouragement I received from Gwen and the class participants.

7 Modules That Will Turn Your Skills Into Creating Paintings That Will Pull The Emotion Out Of Your Viewer

Module 1 Discover Your Artistic Voice

Finding and developing your Artistic Voice is key to your success as an artist. With a step-by-step plan that helps you discover your voice life gets a whole lot easier.

While on the treasure hunt for your voice you will discover patterns you are drawn to that will add depth to your voice and your paintings.

The outcome in this module is to allow you to continue to create freely with confidence while you discover your unique styles.

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Module 2: Slaying The Dragon Of Design

Design is the foundation of painting.    You can have great colors, perfect values and intriguing center of interest but if the design isn’t solid the painting won’t hold together.

Think of design as a journey.   A way for the viewer to wander through your painting ending at your center of interest where the viewer is entertained and  eager to stay for a while.  Also discover the psychological implications to where the center of interest is placed setting the mood of the painting for the viewer.

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Module 3: The Power & Emotion Of Color

You love color but so often your colors turn muddy and look dull.  You discover that too much color doesn’t give your painting the punch you desire.  This is where neutrals come into play. You will discover how neutrals are your best friend.

They are the support for your center of interest while allowing the excitement of the painting to shine.

You will learn how to make “quiet colors”, how to use them, and how this allows your paintings to show off your true artistic voice.

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Module 4: Disecting and Reinventing the Masters

After building the foundations in the first 3 modules, we’ll push your personal creative boundaries and stimulate your mind to think outside the box.

We’ll breakdown such artists as:

  • Gauguin
  • Renoir
  • Kandinsky
  • Klimt
  • And of course, Picasso

And then you will reinvent a painting into a masterpiece that is yours.

You’ll be tasked with guidance on re-creating them in your own abstract. This will be one of your favorite modules – it will open doors you never knew existed.

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Module 5: Talking About Your Art & The Power of Play

Learning how to play is learning how to innovate.

There is nothing like entering the studio with the idea of just playing.  This is when creativity comes alive.  If you are unable to turn off your critical mind and self-judgement, you’ll be trapped into a style that isn’t naturally yours. We’ll work on ourselves to “play” – so we paint for ourselves, not others.

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Module 6: Finding Beauty in the Ugly

It’s easy to get stuck in the negative aspects of life.

In this module we’ll train your brain to look for beauty in something you think is ugly. Then, apply it to the canvas. This rewires your brain to look for opportunity even when things don’t look that way.

This module will stretch your vision to see beyond what is there. What a great way to view the world… going beyond and creating beauty… this will be one of your best challenges.

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Module 7: The Power Of Creating A Series

Let’s put it all together…

As you know…developing a series of your work is essential.  A series puts together your knowledge, your vision and your command of your medium and subject matter.  In this module we’ll work on creating a series of 5-7 paintings. Questions will come up and this is the safe place to have them answered.  This module shows you are ready to show the world your creativity.

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I'm also including the following bonuses for joining the Masterclass ~gwen

BONUS #1: Abstracts That Glow ($450 Value)

This Abstracts That Glow workshop was professionally filmed in Taos, New Mexico during a” live” workshop. In this workshop I teach you how to use transparent colors to develop that Glow within your painting. I also teach you how to mix exquisite neutrals to enhance that glow.

The in person workshop normally cost $950, but is included with this Masterclass. This video course it’s broken into four parts so you can watch each section and refer to it when you need to.

For everyone that signs up today, I will personally mail this to your home on a USB card so you can put it on your computer or laptop without the hassle of downloading it.

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BONUS #2: How-to talk to gallery owners & collectors script ($1,000 Value)

Don’t you get sweaty hands and your heart beats so hard you can actually hear it when you think about approaching a gallery? What do you say, how do you say it without fumbling for words… or if you you’re comfortable in saying the words… what words matter to galleries and collectors?

No matter how great your Art is, a buyer cannot read your mind… so if you don’t know how to talk to gallery owners, or collectors the emotion, and story can be lost we don’t’ talk about what matters to them. You will get a word-for-word script on how to talk to each of these types of people, and all you’ll have to do is insert your own “words” where I indicated. No longer will you need to fumble around for words when talking about your Art. And once you use this enough, how would it feel to sell your Art piece for $1,000 or more? Cause it can happen! And in this course, you can ask about this during Module “3” and on, and I’ll put you in the right direction to our specific needs.

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BONUS #3: A "Clarifying Your Vision" one on one session with me....( $350 Value...actually priceless)

This is all about YOU. Let’s organize all your thoughts into a clear goal. We’ll shape your vision for your art, what you feel you need to do to be successful … and most important…it is about discovering the depth of your creativity and accepting your personal creative genius.

This will be a game changer for you …I can’t wait!

You’ll get all these bonuses with the course FREE valued at $1,800

The value of this course PLUS the bonuses would cost $3,297 purchased separately but since they are included in this masterclass for all serious artists who join today,

You’ll only need to invest $1,497

There are two payment options.
1. You can pay in full ($1,497),
2. or split into 4 payments (4x $395).


Before taking Gwen’s Master Class I was not a rank beginner but I was not a professional either. I had learned a lot and begun to get a sense of what I wanted to paint, who I was as a painter and what my voice needed to express. But I was lacking confidence and kept running into similar problems – the answers to which I could not find. I took various classes and learned new techniques. I read books. I practiced and practiced and practiced but I kept hitting the same walls…

The Master Class gave me a better sense of my own voice and gave me the confidence to experiment and learn new facets of myself as an artist. It also helped me eliminate some types of painting and expression, which was very helpful in making strides in the direction of defining my own paintings and my own visual voice. I liked exploring various issues in the company of other artists. We all had such wide ranging experiences and did so many types of painting. It meant that as we answered questions for ourselves in class, we were able to also get the opinions of others and get some ideas from others. It broadened my perspective on what I wanted my visual voice to say.

My art is more expansive. Larger. More confident. When I paint now I have confidence that I can get to the end of the painting and that It will be what I want it to be.

Gwen, through her training techniques, reinforced many things I felt but didn’t have the confidence to trust in myself. For instance, taking my own paintings seriously, giving myself credit that yes, this really is a good painting. Searching through hundreds of paintings to find what we’re most drawn to, I realized that I am on the right track, I’m painting what I should be, I know my unique inner voice but am not always listening to it. Taking a risk was brought up again and again, and making mistakes allows you to learn.

Taking the Masterclass taught me the importance of being able to talk about my art. Midwestern heritage teaches us to always be humble, however we need to be proud of our work and able to explain to our clientele what we are painting, why we chose that subject, what it means to us and what it will do for them.

I am painting with all that I learned from Gwen in mind and looking critically at my previous paintings thinking how I would do it now. I am more willing to take a chance now and more patient to keep trying when something doesn’t work. I think as far as abstract painting goes Gwen opened my eyes to endless design possibilities, however I need a few more months to generate more new work for a true comparison. I am taking a workshop this fall from Gwen as I think I have barely scratched the surface of all she has to offer.

Before the Masterclass, my art was sort of stuck. I didn’t really feel like it was growing and going in the direction I wanted it to go. I would spend time looking at others art… to try to find my voice. While that was inspiring, it didn’t really give me the tools to make the art I wanted to create.

The Masterclass helped me overcome the fear of design, struggles with color, and defined my voice and style. Hands down, the Masterclass, helped me become confident in design, color and in putting myself out into the world as an artist!

My art is stronger and more reflective of who I am and the things I want to say as an artist. I still have places where I get stuck or lose my way, put I have to tools now to find my way out of those place, thanks to Gwen and the Masterclass program!

Before Gwen’s Masterclass I didn’t quite take my art seriously. I wondered if I was producing the best that I had within myself My colors were bright, but not always interesting to me and my compositions were often not finished thoughtfully.

I improved over the years by practicing different styles, but didn’t always know when to stop or when and why something about my painting was bugging me. I didn’t have the questions in my head to ask what was good, why, and/or why not? I couldn’t find my groove. This usually lead to me leaving many paintings unfinished, then after reviewing them a day or two later, I would defeatedly paint over them entirely. I did this for years!

Gwen’s natural alacrity, attention to detail, ability to question the right issues and her abundant encouragement helped me to realize that I was indeed good. Having others involved in the discourse was enlightening and enjoyable. The slotted time for the class made me regard my art making more seriously. It was a real class.

Although Gwen has many, many wonderful attributes as a teacher, painter and cohort, I would say that her discussion and lessons regarding painting with neutrals had the largest benefit for me. I felt a bit of a “Eureka” moment after playing seriously with neutrals in my paintings.

I also love how positive she is regarding the fact that sometimes we all have days when we might fail in the studio. It’s all good and we just get back in there! This allowed me to not be so hard on myself when those days arise.

Since working with Gwen, my art has grown in the direction that I had hoped. I use more neutrals, I ask myself better questions (and hear her happy voice in my head) and I’ve reached a level of confidence with my art making that I didn’t have before. Gwen, you are worth every penny and more! Thank you!