Gwen Fox's Masterclass

In this 3-month masterclass you'll discover how to take all of your 'artistic skills' and apply them to the 'business' of being a successful, profitable artist.

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It can be frustrating to get countless rejection letters from shows and galleries and not know why… 

(Or maybe you don’t even know how to approach a gallery!)

Or have your artwork classified as “refrigerator” paintings when you show your friends, family or colleagues.

Especially after all the work you’ve put into your passion investing your time into classes to show you the latest techniques to turn your artwork into something you can be proud to show others…

But sometimes you already know enough, and learned enough. More classes on skill and technique start to give you diminishing returns.


So if it’s not more classes on skill and technique, then what is it that makes a painting like the masters’? Or at least one that gets into shows different than yours?

What’s that extra 1% that will turn your submission from receiving a generic rejection letter to one which earns a unique acceptance?

OR, what about revealing your paintings you show your colleagues, friends and family, and it hits them right in the heart rather than thinking their 8-year did something like that last month?

This private masterclass with 15 artists will guide you and show you how to create captivating art through your unique style that tells a story and evokes emotion.

Whatever your level is right now it doesn’t matter. As long as you’re willing to put in the work to grow yourself.

You might be coming from different backgrounds such as:

  • You’ve already submitted to shows and galleries in the past
  • You’re an amateur/hobby artist trying to become  a professional one
  • You have a full-time job

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Otherwise, keep reading…

As long as you have the inner desire, we’ll bring to surface what makes your skills unique and put it on the canvas.

A 4-month journey with me, this masterclass will have 7 Modules. In between these modules we’ll do live training sessions including:

  • Bi-weekly critiques of your work (be assured in the direction you’re going),
  • Bi-weekly live webinars to get immediate answers to any burning question to keep your momentum going (you’ll also get recordings to relive the magic).

7 Modules That Will Turn Your Skills Into Creating Like Picasso, Gauguin & Renoir etc...

Module 1: Claiming Your Images

This module is to re-frame any old beliefs you had in the past about being an artist and your work. We will navigate handling criticism, and protecting your creative time even when you get busy with life.

Without knowing how and when to schedule studio time to go along with your artistic goals is a big hurdle artists face.  During this session, we will set your goals that correspond with your studio time. I have used this same plan with all my students that get into galleries and shows.

The outcome in this module is to allow you to continue to create freely with confidence while you discover your unique styles.

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Module 2: Slaying The Dragon Of Design

We’ll deep-dive into your personal color choices. It’s fine to copy others when you start.

However if you’re taking your artwork to the next step, you have to find how you naturally pick and blend your colors together.

Along with your personal palette, we’ll discover images that are important to you.  Be it abstract, florals, figures or landscapes…the images you are drawn to begin to unravel your artistic voice.

Module 3: The Power & Emotion Of Color

You will discover how neutrals are your best friend.

They are the support for your center of interest while allowing the excitement of the painting to shine.

You will learn how to make “quiet colors”, how to use them, and how this allows your paintings to show off your true artistic voice.

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Module 4: Neutrals & Edges

After building the foundations in the first 3 modules, we’ll push your personal creative boundaries and stimulate your mind to think outside the box.

We’ll breakdown such artists as:

  • Gauguin
  • Renoir
  • Kandinsky
  • Klimt
  • And of course, Picasso

You’ll be tasked with guidance on re-creating them in your own abstract. This will be one of your favorite modules – it will open doors you never knew existed.

Module 5: Talking About Your Art & The Power of Play

Learning how to play is learning how to innovate.

There is nothing like entering the studio with the idea of just playing.  This is when creativity comes alive.  If you are unable to turn off your critical mind and self-judgement, you’ll be trapped into a style that isn’t naturally yours. We’ll work on ourselves to “play” – so we paint for ourselves, not others.

Module 6: Finding Beauty in the Ugly

It’s easy to get stuck in the negative aspects of life.

In this module we’ll train your brain to look for beauty in something you think is ugly. Then, apply it to the canvas. This rewires our brains to look for opportunity even when things don’t look that way.

This module will stretch your vision to see beyond what is there. What a great way to view the world… going beyond and creating beauty… this will be one of your best challenges.  

Module 7: The Power Of Creating A Series

Let’s put it all into practice.

In this module we’ll work on creating a series of 5-7 paintings.

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