Abstracts From the Ground Up

More about the Workshop

You have always wanted to paint abstracts but you don’t know where to start.  

You haven’t a clue how to come up with new designs. You wish there was a simple answer to all your questions.

Wish no more as this workshop is for you.  

You will learn:

  • How to NEVER be without an exciting design
  • The importance of neutrals to create abstracts that are breathtaking
  • The emotion and power of color
  • Where to start and how to end an abstract painting

Plus if  you already love painting abstracts and want to go deeper into abstraction this workshop allows your creative juices to flow.

You will learn in a very supportive environment.  Gwen has taken a very sad 100 year old Adobe home and refurbished her back to her glory.  Surrounded by 6 and 8 ft walls this is now an exquisite compound filled with gorgeous flowers, Mexican gates and a studio where the retreat will be held. 

Wilson, the gentle Sable German Shepherd, will welcome you with his noble presence. Wilson loves everyone who comes to create.

Lunch will be provided all five days

Sunday evening, before the workshop begins, there will be a wine and cheese get together. 

This is a fun filled evening getting to know everyone plus selecting your space for the workshop.

On Thursday evening, you will be treated to a magnificent sit-down dinner that takes place under the stunning New Mexico sky. The table will be decorated in cobalt blue and luscious lime green, flowers picked from the garden and flickering candles add to the laughter and sharing that makes this evening one to remember.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about this workshop/retreat.  

This retreat will fill fast!

About Gwen Fox

Known for her abstract expression and paintings that reflect life within layers of unexpected color and texture capturing familiar images with both energy and passion. Her work has won numerous awards and been the inspiration for New York poet S. David. You’ll find Fox’s original work displayed in the famous Fermoy Art Gallery, Kings Lynn, England, hanging alongside work by His Royal Highness Prince Phillip, and in the Catherine Lorillard Wolf Art Club in New York.

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