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Have you ever wanted to take a workshop and have the instructor, who is a professional artist, look at your work, offer personal critiques, listen to your dream of who you want to be and where you want to take your art? 

This is what the Mentors Workshop is all about…it is about YOU! 

Come, bring your yukky paintings and your good paintings (physical or digital), work in the style, medium and subject matter of your choice. You will have me there to coach you, give you advice, look at your work, offer suggestions, give critiques, do one-on-ones and inspire you to grow, develop and give you a way to do so. 

Does this sound wonderful? 

It does to me as I wish I had this when I was struggling. 

There will be talks about finding your unique style, the best way to market your work, how to deal with your inner critic plus how to grow your artistic confidence.   This will be a safe environment to try new things, fail without fear and learn how good you really are.  It will be about YOU and YOUR ART! 

I honestly can’t wait! 

This workshop will be held in Taos, New Mexico 

 October 7 – 11th  (an incredible time of year to be in Taos) 

 Cost of the workshop is $975 

 Number of artists is very limited.  Only 4 spaces left!

 Held at Gwen Fox’s private Art Sanctuary in Taos, New Mexico. Her 100-year-old adobe home is the perfect environment to inspire and renew your creativity. 

 Sunday evening before the workshop begins you meet for a wine and cheese get together at Gwen’s home.  This will give you the opportunity to select your table in the studio, bring in your supplies and get to know the other artists.  This allows you to enter the workshop on Monday morning as friends instead of strangers. 

 On Thursday evening there will be a grand party in your honor. A dinner enhanced by beauty, surrounded by flowers and set under the New Mexico sky filled with shining stars.  Laughter, good food, stories and insights into artistic growth abound. 

 This will be one of the many highlights of the workshop. 

 If you have any questions feel free to contact Gwen at 575-751-0183 

 My number is 575-751-0183 or email me at 

 I am so excited about this and I hope you are as well. 


I’ve spent the morning & much of yesterday reflecting on the amazing week I was so blessed to have with you. Your workshop experience completely blew me away! It was the safest place my artist spirit has ever been to. I took huge risks and learned to trust myself this week.

I’ve shown & sold my work in New York — and I have had much success in selling at other shows & galleries. I have collectors internationally, and I would consider myself somewhat established in my art career.

All this to say, I have come away from your workshop knowing that I am equipped to advance even more. Honestly, I kind of feel like saying “look out world…here I come!

You are an inspiring and incredibly gifted teacher & artist. I’m so thankful that I found you.

About Gwen Fox

Known for her abstract expression and paintings that reflect life within layers of unexpected color and texture capturing familiar images with both energy and passion. Her work has won numerous awards and been the inspiration for New York poet S. David. You’ll find Fox’s original work displayed in the famous Fermoy Art Gallery, Kings Lynn, England, hanging alongside work by His Royal Highness Prince Phillip, and in the Catherine Lorillard Wolf Art Club in New York.

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