Find and Develop Your Artistic Voice and Style

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Hello and Welcome! I'm Gwen Fox.

I am an artist, coach and teacher who has developed a method that helps artists discover and develop their artistic voice.

Questions artists have…

  • With all the artists in the world how do I get noticed?
  • What if my Artistic voice isn’t good enough?
  • How do I approach a gallery…what to say but more important what NOT to say.
  • How to talk about my work so collectors and galleries remember me.
  • How do I stop the self-sabotage?
  • Can I make a living with my art?

Yes, you can make a good living with your art but first you must have a powerful style that is unique to you.  This is my genius area and I would love to help you find that voice that is deep with you and help you develop it into a style that galleries will love.

Are you ready to take the leap!

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How To Know When To Stop A Painting Or Keep Going

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