Bouncing Forward

Have you ever gone into your studio, looked at the painting you worked on the day before and thought… what happened? It was a decent painting when I left yesterday!

Actually you don’t really ask, “what happened”… you say something like… “$%^#@#$%”!

When you hit an obstacle such as this you begin to wonder where your mojo went… or even worse… has it gone forever.

You work on the painting trying to resuscitate it into being what you envisioned in the first place only to discover it has a mind of it’s own.

Geez, all you wanted to do was bounce back from this dilemma but the painting is definitely standing her ground. You are in repair mode.

This is when you need to consider not bouncing back but bouncing forward.

What does “bouncing forward” mean?  It means not focusing on returning to our normal mode of being. Bouncing forward begs us to see opportunities that are obvious but blind to the normal thought process.

In the studio, bouncing forward means allowing the painting to reveal herself with the aid of your brush, selected colors and open spirit.

This way the painting goes beyond a “normal painting” to something even you are amazed you were able to accomplish.

Enjoy Bouncing Forward this week.

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