Happy Mother’s Day

This Sunday is Mother’s Day…a day to honor those who gave us life.

We sometimes forget that our Mother had desires and dreams for her life. But she, like all of us, was often disappointed.

Most of us think of Mom as “just Mom”.  Always there, always listening to your woes, and celebrating your wins as children and adults.

When my Mother was dying, I flew from England to Knoxville, Tennessee to be with her in the hospital.  As the days went by I realized there were a lot of things I didn’t know about my Mother.  The questions poured out of me as I was desperate to get them all answered.  

Important questions.  

Silly questions.

One of my questions was…” Is there anything you regret in your life?”  To my surprise her answer was immediate.  “Yes, she said, I never bought a pair of red shoes.

Red Shoes?  Really!  When I asked her why she never bought a pair of red shoes she explained that the color wasn’t practical.

After Mother’s death, I flew back to London where my lovely family picked me up and I told them I needed to go to Harrods Department Store in downtown London. The reason…. I needed to go to the shoe department.

I was on a mission and nothing was going to stop me.  I saw them immediately…a glorious pair of red shoes.  I tried them on, they fit and I purchased them with a smile.

Upon arriving to our home I put on the red shoes and looked up at the sky and said… “These are for you Mom!”

Whenever I see luscious red shoes or boots I buy them because I feel it is important to shower yourself with the beauty of impracticality.

Sending hugs and glorious gratitude,

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