How to Create an Abstract from the Ground Up

The weather in Taos is absolutely fabulous. Cool in the morning, warm during the day and back to cool in the evening. My garden is planted…thank goodness! She is a lot of work but worth the effort.

This year I decided to add a fountain to add music to the air.


One of the questions I often get is “Where do I find ideas to create my abstracts?”

Then the second question is “How do I start an Abstract from an image or idea?”

The video below covers both questions so let me know if this helps in your journey to create abstracts that make your heart sing.

How to create an Abstract Painting from idea to finish from gwen fox on Vimeo.


What do you think? Comment below:

  • LynneP

    Seeing how you extrapolated the shapes from the photo was extremely helpful! And your final painting was such a wonderful surprise.

    • gwen fox

      Thanks Lynne….I am glad it helped. I try to keep my thumbnail sketches very simple so when I transfer it to my canvas or paper it is easy to read. I can then go to my “right brain” and have some fun.

  • plouis

    This was excellent – would love to see more of the development to the finished piece… going from the strictly geometric to the more organic movement of the final work. But you are already so generous sharing this.
    Beautiful work!

    • gwen fox

      Thanks so much for your comment. Since it was done in a workshop environment I didn’t take pictures of the piece as it was developing. I will do another video about the development of a piece sometime soon. Great idea.

  • Sara Chambers

    Wow! Wonderful explanation of an approach to abstraction! I did not expect the colors you chose! I was looking for more reds and browns. :o) Not as creative as your choices. Plus, it is more organic than I expected. Still very much a Fox!

  • Jeannette Logue

    Oh, I love this! My abstracts are becoming less abstract to my dismay, and this video explanation is like a quick reminder of your retreat! I seriously suggest that you email your video to “Al!”

  • Creative Goddess

    Oh my this was so amazing, to explain how you laid out your pce, I was that’s it that’s what I want to learn how to look at something be it animal, landscape, flower, figure and create an abstract…explaining the why and hows from bottom up, and I would luv have seen some of the painting process. Oh how I wish you would do online courses, as I am not able to go to retreats or in person workshops…. If you ever do online please let me know.

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