The Rare Mental Edge That Olympians & Artists Share

Remember the Olympics and how amazing each athlete was in his or her sport? It was exhilarating to watch them perform. In the back of your mind you wondered how they got this good and how they stay so focused?

These athletes have spent their lives working toward one goal and that is becoming their very best.

Artists and athletes are very much alike as there is one cool thing they both do when they are at their very best.

The #1 element that makes both athletes and artists great is….Flow.

So what is flow?

You experience Flow when you are at the peak of your performance. Athletes do this when competing.

Artists do this when they are painting.

You know what I mean…it is when you enter the studio and you are filled with a calm excitement. You start the painting and the painting mysteriously seems to paint itself. I know you have had this happen…it is like magic.

Creating the painting was effortless. This is flow.

You want this to happen everyday!
However, getting your mind and body into the artistic energy flow can be elusive.

Shortcut your way to your flow state

Here are five powerful steps that will help you get into this incredible state and stay there.

  1. Do a short meditation before painting
  2. After meditation take 3 deep slow breaths
  3. After your 3 deep slow breaths calm and center your mind (I do this by closing my eyes and taking a few more breaths)
  4. Relax the body
  5. Pick up your brush and start the magic

These steps may sound silly but they are essential in helping you connect with your special flow energy.

All artists want to be able to create within this feeling of calm excitement because when you do your paintings are personal, deep and spectacular.

When you are in this flow energy it is as if you are a conduit and the painting is produced by something bigger than yourself. It is an energy you will crave to connect with everyday because it will propel your paintings to a whole new level.

  • Your paintings will reach a depth that galleries will love to promote
  • Collectors will take notice
  • You will be able to get into National  Shows and win the top awards
  • A commanding reverence will surround your work
  • Your artistic voice and style will be compelling

I personally know this works so let me know if it works for you.

Plus, I would love to hear how you get into the “flow” of painting.

Hugs and create brilliantly,
– gwen

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