Vision, Success, and Jerry Seinfeld

Artists who are successful usually have a sense of knowing how to go about fulfilling their dream. They may wander a bit but they know where they want to be therefore they know the path they need to take.

I am sure you have an artistic dream.

  • You want gallery representation
  • You want to sell your art
  • You want to be recognized and respected as a really good artist
  • Perhaps you want to write a book
  • Perhaps you want to have a solo show in New York

There is a difference between wanting and receiving…the difference is one word and that word is Action.

You can daydream forever but in reality, it takes action to get the job done.

Usually the problem is you don’t know what action you should take?

There are so many ways and so much to do it can be overwhelming.

In my last newsletter, I discussed the Jerry Seinfeld strategy.

Because Jerry writes, performs, creates and entertains at an incredibly high stand there must be a secret to how he does this.

I know you have found yourself in this cycle of wanting to create but struggling to do so.

Why is that? What does Jerry Seinfeld do that actually works…what does he do every day that most people don’t?

His strategy…he writes every day. Let me repeat that…he is committed to writing each and every day. However, his real secret is this, each day upon completing his writing he marks off the day on a large wall calendar…with a bright red marker!

This visual of seeing all the X’s is genius. You don’t want to break the chain of red X’s.

In that newsletter, I also said I was going to do this method and I would share with you what I had decided to commit to doing. I have thought a lot about it and this is my commitment…

I am going to write for 30 minutes each day. I am excited to see all those X’s on my large wall calendar. …all in a row. I want to write my book and this is how I am going to do it.

If this could make a difference in your dream how about joining me…double dog dare you!

Seriously, select something you really want …perhaps you would like to enter your studio each day. Does that mean you have to paint? No, it means you are developing a new habit of going into your studio and staying for X amount of time. Make this something you can actually accomplish but is a bit of a stretch.

This is the beginning of 2018…let’s make this your best year ever!

Leave your daring comment below.

Until then…
Create Brilliantly,

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