The Illusive Muse

As you sit sipping your third cup of coffee in the morning, do you wonder if your muse will arrive on time today? Does she come like a bird and calmly rest on your shoulder?

Perhaps if she doesn’t arrive on time you tell yourself “if only” these things were done you wouldn’t have any problem creating:

  • A proper studio with perfect lighting…preferably north light
  • The “right” feeling
  • Clean house
  • Your life organized
  • Bills paid
  • Laundry done, folded and put away

Since I always think of myself as normal I find the above excuses quite reasonable.

My first studio was a narrow closet in the extra bedroom. Why didn’t I use the whole room? Good question, but I bet it was because I didn’t feel important enough to use the whole room…besides, company might come. As you can see…any excuse will do.

That “if only” thought is fear disguised as procrastination.

You can challenge the fear and abandon the resistance and go into your studio fully prepared to create…muse or not. Your painting might suck…perhaps so will your second, but once you dedicate yourself to this way of thinking you will create and you will make a difference.

Within a few weeks, you’ll notice a change in your attitude toward the requirement that the muse must be present in order to create.

It is great when she comes, but with daily action YOU become the muse.

After all, if you joined the challenge from last week’s post, like a lot of you did, you don’t want to break that beautiful chain of red X’s.

Do you have some “if only” thoughts that keep you from creating? Or, am I the only one? Share some of yours below in the comment section… this will be very interesting.

Until then…

Create brilliantly,

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