5 Excuses That Keep Artists From Ever Becoming Known

Becoming a really good artist is a slippery slope.  

It requires you to take risks. You want to become known and respected as an artist, BUT (and there is always a BUT)…

What are the excuses you give to someone or to yourself?  There is always a money story, or a story you’ve told yourself years ago, that’s been hidden by the excuse.

For example:

When someone says to me:

That’s pricey

I hear:

I am unwilling to see value in myself and grow as a professional artist.

Think about it…there is a workshop that is perfect for you, but your mind automatically goes into overdrive of why this isn’t possible.  You develop excuses as to why it isn’t a good idea and you talk yourself out of it by using money to justify why you shouldn’t…even if the workshop, course, or mentorship is going to give you the life skills to become a professional artist for the next 3, 5 or 10 years. If the fear of not investing in yourself and staying the same is more important than growing… then you stay stagnant letting it hold you down.

When someone says to me:

What happens if I want a refund?

I hear:

I am already planning to fail.

Going into a workshop, mentorship, mastermind, coaching, etc. with the mindset of a possible refund means you are already re-framing your ability to allow yourself to make excuses to not do the work.

When someone says to me:

I don’t have enough time because of family situations.

I hear:

I’m afraid to create boundaries to take my art seriously.

Yes, there are extreme situations – but normally it is a lack of setting boundaries.  Remember, it is YOUR life…not theirs.  People respect those that respect themselves. You have to respect yourself on your quest to becoming the artist you dream of being.

When someone says to me:   

I’m not ready for this.

I hear:

I am too scared to do something different than what I do now in order to grow.

Let’s face it – we are seldom ready for change.  We love our comfort zone and are willing to fight to stay bound in our safe, tight box.  And, when we do things that are different than what we normally do, there’s a high chance of failure. Where do you go and how do you face your family and friends?  It isn’t that you aren’t ready for this…it is the fear of failing and learning that is staring you in the face.

When someone says to me:

I can’t wait to work with you someday!

I hear:

I expect something to change in my life even though I refuse to.

If something that you’re doing right now isn’t working, yet you continue doing it – this is what Einstein calls “Insanity”. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results generally won’t move you forward.

These are the 5 excuses that will keep you from becoming known.

Until next time…

Create brilliantly,

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