Vacationing Muse

You know design, color and value; so why can’t you get your painting to hold together?  

It isn’t that you are new to this thing called “Being an Artist!”

You look at your latest piece, and realize this is your fourth painting on that same canvas and you are now wondering if this one will be successful.

What is going on?  Has your muse gone on vacation?  Darn her, she should have taken you with her…I wonder if she is at the beach?

There are places you like within the painting however the painting doesn’t say anything…she is tired, overworked and yep, she is sad.

Now what do you do?

This happened to me last week, so I realize just how frustrating it can be.  You know those wonderful places within the painting you LOVE? Take a big brush, select a color and from your shoulder make a mark on the red headed stepchild.

Now turn the painting…keep going…check out all four sides.  Select a viewpoint that makes the painting look totally different.  This causes the brain to readjust and see your painting differently.  

Perhaps there is a shape or color you didn’t see before.  

Take out some white chalk…you know the old school chalk you used to draw on the driveway…now draw on the painting.  The white chalk allows you to draw, change your mind, erase, redraw without causing a mess.

With your new vision start with transparent colors and glaze over sections.

This is what I call resurrecting a painting.  So, what if there are four paintings under this one…your painting now has depth and mystery. There is personality under all those layers.

Seduce your painting back home.  Don’t give up…she is worth the effort.

Learning how to revive, correct, re-love a painting is part of being a successful artist.  

Just so you know, this will be one of the things we will cover in the upcoming Master Class.  Check it out…it might just be the thing for you, and I would LOVE to have you there.

Until next time…

Create brilliantly

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