Should I?

This weekend I had to ask the question….Should I?  

Should I stretch my ability to express myself? Or, would it be more practical to be safe and enjoy what I have?

These are the questions artists asks who are considering taking a workshop or wonder about hiring an art coach. Is it worth  it…or better put…Am I worth it!

This weekend I decided I was worth it…I filled out the application, paused a few moments  and clicked “send”.

Scary?… Oh yes….but that is what makes life exciting.  

The reason I am sharing this is to let you know I go through the same thoughts, fears and questions you have.  

There comes a time when each of us must decide what is important in our life. What makes you happy….what keeps you up at night…what do you secretly dream about?

I invite you to stand up and accept your dream as real.

I invite you to decide to take that leap into the unknown.

I invite you to believe in yourself.

Until next time…

Create Brilliantly

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