Morning Studio

It’s early morning and my German Shepherds, Emma and Wilson, are restless so I leave my warm comfortable bed to let them out.  It is still dark but I can see the beginning of the morning sunrise sharing her gentle colors of gold and apricot with Taos mountain.   

This is my favorite time of day.

Turning the light on in the kitchen I measure the coffee beans to grind, and as the coffee brews, I walk down the hall to take my morning shower.

I pass the turquoise Mexican table where the tall magenta orchid is busy showing off her sexy stripes and vivid color.  I stop and admire her proud display.

As I open my closet to select what to wear, I laugh as I realize all my clothes have paint on them.

And the clothing not adorned with paint? It’s merely waiting for paint.

I’m in such a happy excited mood because today, I am beginning a new painting. Giving birth to something that comes from within my soul . This is what gives my life purpose.

I enter my studio and select Buddhist chants to fill the air with a calm energy that quiets my mind so the muse can enter and inspire me.  

Selecting my favorite square charcoal stick I quickly sketch a design onto the canvas.  Now everything is ready and I am anxious to start the process of participating in another artistic birth.

I stand in reverence before the canvas breathing deeply and  slowly. I listen. I listen in silence to what she wants to say, project or portray.

I hear her and I select my colors.

I squeeze each color onto the palette, select my brushes, take one more deep breath and make my first firm mark on the large white canvas.

As the morning fades into afternoon the painting begins to whisper her name.  

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