7 Opportunities You Can Take Advantage Of To Sell Your Art

The world is now yours and you’re not limited by only the galleries available where you live in order to sell your Art. 

You only need to know where these opportunities lie so you can seize the advantage and break the starving artists stigma, and more importantly, your family doesn’t see your art as…JUST A HOBBY.

The poor artist is now a myth with the amount of opportunity today!

Right now, you may be thinking the only way to sell your art is by entering shows at the local coffee shop and/or local library. This is old information provided by people who were fed old information.

 In fact, some of you might be teaching art to get your name out there with the hopes of being magically discovered.

This type of thinking only exhausts artists who work hard every day and their pockets stay empty – and here’s why.

Relying on entering shows at coffee shops and libraries takes up time – and in return, coffee drinkers are there to drink coffee. They’re not looking to pay $1000 for a piece of art.

Libraries are looking for decorations only; so whether it be a $20 painting from Home Goods or the painting you put your heart and soul into the past 7 days – they can’t tell the difference.

Now what about teaching art? 

Dedicating a few days a week to share your passion and navigate the ups and downs of exhilaration and exhaustion with the *hope* your students will magically buy your art because you’re such a good teacher…I don’t know any professional artist who relies on paying the bills with *hope*, and I don’t want any of that for you. Which is why I am going to break that starving artist mentality today, and show you the huge opportunity available at your fingertips.

The shortcut to take advantage of these opportunities and become a high paying professional artist.

For one, buyers of art look for unique ideas that are in paintings to set them apart from plain IKEA paintings that are in every living room. 

But you don’t need to lock yourself in a room for hours staring at your sources of inspirations or flicking through Pinterest for 20 minutes mindlessly hoping something will spark an idea.

To come up with an idea that becomes a painting that’s uniquely yours is simple.

You need to follow your intuition in what images your attracted to within 7 seconds. This is your compass in what you’re naturally drawn to. 

And what you’re naturally drawn to is your unconscious strength that make you and the idea in your paintings unique. Then all you have to do is nurture them.

The average artists can now make up to $71.2k a Year!

At 52 I sold my first painting for $1,500 at a gallery – plus, I’d also had people reach out to me on Facebook to create Art for them.

When I saw all the opportunities out there like these, I started making a full time living as an artist at age 57 – because those are only a couple ways to sell your art. However, you don’t have to wait until you’re 57 before you make Art a career for yourself!

My student Joan Moody is a very successful professional artist – aside from being in galleries, she works with interior decorators to sell her Art. Another student, Jan Griggs, works with an upscale gallery where future collectors have an eye for Art – this allows her to live her passion as a full time artist.

Here are 7 opportunities where your future collector is looking for art to buy

  1. Social Media
    • Developing relationships is key to having people want to purchase your work online.
  2. Partnership with Interior decorators
    • Great way to get your art into beautiful homes.
  3. Galleries
  4. Collectors
  5. Home Shows
  6. Etsy
  7. Online Marketplaces:
    • Fine Art America
    • Saatchi Art
    • Artspan
    • Artsy
    • Artplode
    • Artfire
    • Imagekind
    • Art Storefront
    • Singulart
    • UGallery

Opportunity is out there, it’s now up to you to take steps to turn your hobby into a professional one.


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