Just Keep Painting is NOT the Answer

I hear it all the time:

My work isn’t getting into shows and I really don’t know what to do.

When they ask other artists what they should do the answer is the same…Just keep painting.

This sounds like great advice but when I was going through this I realized I was making  the same mistakes, working through the same problems and getting more discouraged by the minute.

The “hoping” things would get better left me with no control over my abilities as an artist.

I finally decided that I really needed help so I called the my good friend and amazing artist Carole Barnes and scheduled a time for a critique of my work.  It was money well spent.

Carole went over all the things I needed to do…. Such as…

Focus on better design

How to support the center of interest

How to walk the viewer through the painting

Plus…she told me my strengths

I will never forget one of her statements….”Gwen, there comes a time during the painting you have to sit back, really think and ask questions.”

Now I had concrete information on how to make my paintings stronger.  I was thrilled.

With this new knowledge I went back to the studio and created with a different mindset.

I started getting into shows and I knew it was because I now knew WHY my paintings worked.

I was no longer on the “I’ll just keep painting and HOPE the painting works”  treadmill.

When you are getting into shows and your paintings are selling Collectors notice.  This is when you become an artist to watch.

Have you been told to “just keep painting” when you ask someone how to improve your work?

Until next time…

Create Brilliantly

– gwen


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