Conversation With My Muse

As I sip my third cup of coffee with cream trying to remember what day it is I wonder if my muse will arrive today as she has been fickle these past few weeks.

Perhaps she is tired of me wanting to have lunch with my friends or just go shopping.  Whatever her problem is she seems to have taken a vacation and I really miss her.

Maybe she doesn’t like the lighting in the studio or perhaps she just wants some chocolate. 

Do you think that perhaps it could be the fact that I am restless?

It is my understanding, from those artists that are really good, I should go into the studio even when she isn’t there?  What do you think?

No , I’ll just sit here and wait until she gets bored because I know she will be home soon.

Oh, your back….I was wondering when you would return.  Why you are looking at me that way?  Do you expect me to develop my creativity on my own?  You silly muse you!

Oh, I get it…you want me to go into the studio alone.  Even when I don’t have a clue what to paint? Oh shit!

This means I am responsible for my actions.  That is a ton of responsibility sweetie pie.

If I go into the studio I will fail at creating something fabulous….I just know it!  I need you to be there with me but you are just standing there staring at me!

Not to worry,  creativity and I show up when you take action. 

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