Confidence is vital.

As an Art Coach and longtime workshop teacher, lack of confidence comes up in every workshop I teach and with every artist I coach.

Confidence effects every artist I know...

From successful to just starting out… the distinction is in how you manage your confidence.

Lack of confidence effects your ability to create and your belief in yourself as an artist. This, in turn, affects your art sales.

I have had a lot of amazing successes with my students… but I want to help more artists. That is why I created this course.

Gwen Painting a Masterpiece

In Artist Confidence Course, here is what you'll learn

  • Define & Develop your Confidence

    On your own terms! (Everyone is different in how they think about confidence.)

  • Feel Secure as a Creator

    There are times you feel insecure about your ability to create. Let's re-program that.

  • An Action Plan to Go Forward

    Lessons and theory is great, but a having an actionable plan is better.

It is important to address the fact that a lack of confidence can hold your career back.

In this course you will learn how to liberate your fears and confidently step into your artistic ability.

Since Confidence is learned skill you will know how to look your artistic desires in the eye and accept them as yours.

You will no longer have to observe others with confidence and wish you could claim that confidence as yours.

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