Art Retreats for Artists

Discover the Creative Power Within You

There comes a time when you, as an artist, know you need more than a workshop.

You have reached a place where you want to dig deeper into your art and connect with that bold source within you.

  • You know there is a connection between art and spirituality, and you are ready to connect with this power
  • You want to learn how to develop confidence in yourself and your art—because you know how you see yourself as an artist is how you approach your easel
  • You want a safe place to create glorious failures—because you know it is your failures that open the door to creative success
  • You want to develop a painting style that is uniquely yours
  • You want to be inspired to create paintings you never dreamed you could do
  • You need an instructor who shares her vulnerability so you can safely release yours
  • You want to get honest critiques that transform and empower you
  • You want to be surrounded by exquisite beauty and like-minded creators, because beauty and the group mind bring out creativity in you

You need a soul rejuvenating retreat.

Gwen Fox retreats honor the artist within, enabling you to Dream Big.

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Do it! Don’t wait. The experience of working alongside other students who are struggling with your same issues in such a supportive environment is very empowering….and very much worth the investment in time and dollars. This kind of work can make you feel vulnerable, and Gwen understands this. You will not only grow in skill and technique, you’ll be supported by Gwen’s true heart.

This is a safe place for the soul of the artist.

How To Know When To Stop A Painting Or Keep Going

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