Creativity blocks….those  dreaded words.  These blocks  holds us back, keep us in a box and fill us with fear.  We can sense it in our bones when  they enter our psyche.

The big question is why do we get creative blocks?

I remember when I received a big award at a major show.  I was thrilled and excited as I felt I had finally arrived.  I was being recognized as a competent painter.  After a full year of rejections the glow of this award had special meaning.  My excitement and celebration  lasted until I went back to the studio.  As I entered  I felt my whole body change.  My thought process was different.  I expected more of myself.  I felt anxiety and fear enter the room and absorb all the oxygen and all the energy.  Questions started coming like flies to honey….where did the award winning painting come from?  Were there more paintings of this caliber in me?  How did I paint that painting that the judges thought was so wonderful?  What if I would never be able to do it again.  The room was overflowing with fear and anxiety !  I froze and then I sat down and  cried.

It was an all-consuming creativity block.  Fear had stopped me in my tracks.  I gave it energy and it crushed me.

When this happens fear will keep you where it wants you…..paralyzed.  Fear wants control and our lizard mind is more comfortable when we are not challenged therefore we allow fear to take up residency in our brain.

Here are the five simple ways I use to alleviate creativity blocks:

1.  Accept the fact  you are  standing mud deep in a creativity block. It is not an illusion it is a fact.

2. Leave your studio and go on a long walk.  Being alone in nature removes the cobwebs in the brain.

3. On your walk do something different than just walk…… skip, sing, talk out loud to your fear, confront it …..then  let it go.  Give it to the wind.

4. Back in the studio  take out a piece of watercolor paper or canvas and start applying paint with abandon.  Put the music on loud….very loud.  There is no judgment on how you are applying the paint or what you are painting….You are free.

5. Sit quietly and give thanks for being You. Being grateful for who you are opens the heart and a heart that is open grants access to creativity.


Try this the next time a creativity block enters your studio and claims you as its own……  see if it helps.  Let me know.

How do you handle creativity blocks?


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