I have a friend who stated the other day….“Gee, it must be great being an artist because all you have to do is go into your studio and paint”!

I looked at her as if she had just crawled out from under a rock.  To her it sounded like a fun day at the park…..just go paint!   I am sure she colored with crayons in kindergarten and it was a fun experience for her.   But what really bothers me is how many people out there think painting, writing, dancing or being creative as a profession is fun and simple.

Today there is so much required of artists it makes the mind twirl. Now we are told we should have a website,  post on our blog, do Facebook, LinkedIn and then …drum roll…..Twitter!!!!!    Whew!

No longer is it acceptable to just paint. We now need to be a master at marketing.

I am thinking about producing a workshop on line, Marketing for Artists…. how to keep it  simple and easy.

Our number one job as artists is to create from our heart.

Without our art the world would be a very empty place to live.

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