What are your goals for your artistic future? My goals, you ask….well,  I want to be successful, be famous and make lots of money.  Great idea but let’s get serious….how are you going to make this happen?

We all want to be a successful artist and unfortunately most of us hope this will happen by being  “found”.  The chances of this happening  are slim to none. We must be proactive. If we don’t have our goals firm in our mind how are we going to get to where we are not sure we want to be?

Here are five things that have helped me in setting my artistic goals.

1.     Set aside some quality time to  think about what you really want. I realize this can be difficult but it extremely important.  Uninterrupted time is essential for clarity.

2.    Once you have determined what you really want write it down…….in great detail. Remember the Universe can’t give something to you without a detailed  request.  Don’t write I want a to make lots of money and have a house on the beach.  Which beach, what does the house look like…is it white, is it two story, does it have a porch and what is your time frame?  As to making a lot of money……how much money then break it down as to how much do you need to make each month to fill your request.

3.     Set up your time frame for reaching your goals.  Without this time frame you are a boat without a sail.  Without a time frame there is no urgency in reaching your goal.  Without urgency there isn’t focus and without focus there isn’t completion.

4.     Decide and write down  what you need to do to achieve your goal. I do this in a mind mapping format.  Do you need to contact more galleries?  Do workshops? Write articles or start a blog?

5.     Now the serious one.…….take out your calendar and set aside time each day….yes, each day…to do something that gets you closer to your goal.  Without this your goal is just another wish in the wind of time.  I personally set aside one or two hours each day for marketing.  It is the first thing I do in the morning because if I wait it won’t get done.  I don’t open my email until I have finished my marketing. If you do this your career will grow in leaps and bounds.

Let me know if this helps……feedback is always good.




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