iStock_000010210108SmallIt seems my last newsletter ruffled a few feathers because of the misuse of the word “Your.” In my rush to get the newsletter out I forgot the apostrophe as it should have been “You’re.”

They were correct and I was wrong.  Mistakes happen and that’s life.  Thanks to all of you who saw the mistake and decided not to write and ask if I missed school the day they taught this in grade school.

You are my wonderful tribe! 


Doing the finishing touches on my “Workshop in a box”.  I had my Abstracts that Glow workshop professionally filmed last year and it will soon be available.  I am excited and will tell you more about it in the next newsletter.



 CRITICISM….how do you handle it?bad dog - persons hand wagging finger at nine week old english bulldog puppy


How do you handle Criticism?   Each of us have had others share their infinite critical wisdom about a fabulous painting we just finished.

They share what they fear.


They smell growth and that means they may be left behind.

Perhaps they don’t say anything, they just raise their eyebrows and walk away.  Their silence speaks volumes.

I often wonder why it is important for others to step on our butterflies of thought.

Here is what I think...There are several reasons people criticize.

It is interesting to observe when Artists grow it makes other Artists uncomfortable.   Why?  Perhaps they are in love with the status quo. After all Artists are suppose to be poor and always struggling.  They have bought into this theory hook line and sinker.

If you dare break this theory where does it leave them?

Artists have choices just like everyone else.  They can look at the problem, constantly talk about the problem and do what everyone else does or they can do something different.

They could chose to do something new, something exciting.  I guarantee this way of thinking will get you into trouble almost every time.  Criticism will come filled with authority.

But the main reason others criticize is because you are Brave….YOU have Courage!

Fear doesn’t stop you…it energizes you into action.  You find another way to solve the problem.  You think outside the box.

Just remember when people criticize you or your art it is not about you… is about them.


Let me know how you handle criticism…..what you share will help us all.







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