The Moment of Fear

In Taos the weather has been stupendous…warm days and very cool…well, cold nights. The dogs love running and I love these rare February days that hint of coming spring. Images of flowers float in my mind and the thought of reworking the garden seems like fun…just wait until the actual time and it won’t be so fun. I must say the garden looks rather sad and longing for some love.

The Moment of Fear…

What is the moment of fear? Have you experienced it? I know I have and I want to share it with you. Many of you know when my son was put in prison in Panama for a questionable stamp on his passport.

Prison? Really? This was my deepest moment of fear. Dealing with a foreign country, trying to understand a language I didn’t speak, finding lawyers to defend his innocence, fear of something happening to my son was unbearable for me.

Facing this fear was a new level of growth for both my son and myself. Four months of intense fear gave way to a new way of living and a new view of how life should be lived.

My son not only survived his ordeal in the worst prison in Panama called “The Dungeon” he came out with a new respect for who he was as a person…he survived and he grew.

Having nothing to do for 24 hours a day for 4 months, being put on trial for possible 8 years in prison, learning the ropes of prison life, watching roaches for entertainment, going deep into meditation…he discovered what he was made of.

So what did this “moment of fear” teach me?

  • I am stronger than I ever imagined
  • Never wait to become the person you dream of being
  • Go get what you want in life…it won’t come to you
  • Fill your life with gratitude
  • Breathe and enjoy

These are truths I now live by…they provide me with structure and strength.

However each day I see fabulous artists just like you not stepping into their greatness because of fear.

Fear is actually a good thing at times as it can keep you safe but it also can keep you small.

Stepping out into the world with your art takes courage which means you need to overcome FEAR.

You are an artist. You are important to the world. Your voice needs to be heard. Time is wasting and you are still sitting on the sidelines of life.

I can hear you saying “ But my voice isn’t loud enough to be heard among all the great voices that surround me”.

I have a new voice for you to hear. YOU ARE IMPORTANT!

When you look fear in the eye and do what you fear most then fear turns into mush. How wonderful to no longer play small…how wonderful to see your dreams come true.

Just so you know…I will be starting a Three Month Group Coaching Program, which starts April 5th. We will be talking a lot about FEAR and how it pertains to your creativity.

You will be receiving information about this program in the coming weeks but if you are interested in this program let me know.

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