I know how disappointing it is to receive that dreaded “rejection letter”.  You worked so hard and finally decide to get up the courage to enter a very important show but the judge didn’t select your work.  Rejection isn’t fun and it makes you wonder if you are good enough to every get into a major show. I was cleaning out a closet yesterday when I found a journal filled with thoughts, stories and disappointments.  I thought I would share this one with you.

March 24, 1992

“Today I received my 6th rejection in an art show.  The last two were State wide shows…seems bad to me when I can’t even get in a statewide show.  One slide I thought for sure would be accepted…Oh well! I wonder what I’m doing wrong…my associate painters get in all these shows and win awards.  I guess I am a tad down right now. I am determined to becomes a quality painter…dare I say artist? Work more daring, be more creative and never, never give up.”

I smiled when I read this in my journal.  It was written many years ago and things have changed.  I never gave up on my dream of being an artist…and yes, today I confidently say “I am an Artist”. This is what I want for you…be stubborn, work more daring, be more creative, believe in yourself and never, never give up.

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