Failure is an Event…it isn’t Personal

We all know babies fall, then get up only to fall again. I bet you have never heard a parent say…Well, guess we best prepare ourselves that our child isn’t meant to walk because look she just fell twice.

No, they eagerly tell their child she has done a great job…they help her up so she can try again.

How many times have you gone into the studio and had to remind yourself “not to make the shapes the same size” or “my shapes are evenly spaced” or even “gees, I have to change my values as my they are all the same.”

Sometimes even when you correct these glaring mistakes the painting fails to meet your vision. This is especially hard when you know what you are doing because you have painted for years.

Why can’t you always paint what is in your head and heart? Is it lack of confidence?

conceptual shot representing despair and depression

Then there are those dreaded times when no matter what you do each painting is a failure. I am sure you ask yourself…” Have I lost my touch as an artist”?

Failure causes growth. It is something that happens to every artist.

We can do one of two things…

  • we can give up
  • or we can get up again and again and doing it over and over until one day the painting that was in your heart is now on the canvas.

Sometimes we have a tendency to think it is about “US” but in actuality it is just an event that happens to every artist.

Failure to produce a beautiful painting every time is an event…it is never personal.

Paint brilliantly,


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