Getting Noticed

There are a few spots open in the Taos workshops.   If you are interested in growing your art, expanding your technique, and watching your spirit soar then these workshops are for you.

We have some fabulous artists who have signed up and it is going to be an awesome month of creativity, laughter and developing the artist within.

If you have any questions feel free to call me…(575) 751-0183, or click below to check out all the current workshops. 

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Getting Noticed

I know it’s tempting to want to diversify your art, maybe create something new would make people take notice.

Just one more medium, one more genre, one more variation.

Something with broader appeal.

Maybe it would reach the eye of a collector.

After all, then it would be something for everyone to enjoy.

But, something for everyone, doesn’t grant you acceptance into the big shows or get you into galleries

Something for everyone is vanilla

Focus on what you do best.

Be persistent and the notice you crave will come….along with the chocolate swirl almond crunch ice cream.


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