Wouldn’t it be great IF

Great if you could be featured in a major Santa Fe Art Gallery, or have a show at the MoMAa in New York?

Great if you had a designer who loved your work and sold your paintings to her clients for big bucks?

Great if you were featured in all the top Art magazines?

The thing about being discovered is, even though it is incredibly wonderful, it is extremely rare.


Because galleries, museums and collectors don’t go looking for the next “best thing “.

They know the “next best art” will surface either because of the work itself or the marketing behind the work… (the last one is sad but true)

So, what is the alternative?

You need to become the Artist people are looking for but how do you do this?

You will have to create work that comes from your heart, makes a statement stating who you are but guess what…that might not be what others are looking for.

You will need to create work that shows your personal Artistic Voice but this requires you to dig deep within your soul to discover and nurture this quiet but powerful Voice.

You will need to sustain your enthusiasm for creating as there won’t be applause after spending each day in the studio working on piece after piece never knowing if the final product will be successful.

You will have to learn to silence your inner critic when the best piece you have ever created is rejected in the next big show.

You need to paint because it is what you do…it is your passion…it is your life.

All of this takes courage and persistence.

Is it worth it?

You bet!


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