Let It Be You

Every day there are artists all around the world living their dream. There are artists who are stretching beyond where they thought they could possibly go and experiencing artistic success. There are children proudly watching their Mother become the artist she has always dreamed of being.

The fact is that living your artistic dream is real and possible…let it be you!

Someone will look in the mirror today and happily see a more determined confident artist…let it be you!

Today someone will courageously walk into a gallery and be accepted as part of their stable of artists…let it be you!

An artist will step into the studio today and leave her inner critic outside…let it be you!

So, I hear you asking, just how do I do this?

The first thing to do is make a commitment to work on “yourself”. How committed are you to improve your artistic abilities or is it easier to just stay the same? You have done a lot in your life and perhaps that is enough…or, is it?

Somewhere there is an artist working on making visible what is deep within them…let it be you!

The second thing to do is make a “plan”. A decision to grow as an artist without a plan is just a dream…it is not a plan.

However, somewhere there is an artist who is developing a plan to become the best they can be…let it be you!

The third is to take “action”. Without action your plan and dreams are useless. Most artists dream of being represented by a top gallery, making a living doing what they love but a lot of artists never take action.

But, there is an artist somewhere who is serious about what they want and they are willing to do what it takes…let it be you!

You can turn your artistic dream into reality. Just commit to your improvement and develop a plan that works for you. Then commit to the fun but scary part … taking action.

You can do it…besides someone is going to…let it be you.

What are your plans for your art….leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

Until next time…

Create brilliantly,

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