The Courage to Be Imperfect

Have you ever been to an incredible art show that was stimulating and inspirational yet you left the show discouraged and depressed?

You found yourself comparing your art to the paintings in the show. Your inner critic jumped on this like a flea on a dog to remind you …”You aren’t that good and you probably won’t ever be that good….why are you continuing to create?”

I have said this before and I will say it again…it takes courage to put your soul on the line where others can, and will, judge. You are showing your under belly to the viewer. It is not easy to be so vulnerable.

When artists show their work they are at the mercy of the public critic. It is almost funny as those who know the least about art seem to have the most to say. They share their importance freely by critiquing your colors, design and most of all…the feeling of your work.

Artists listen to these self-imposed critics even though they are ignorant about art. Each evening as we put our head on the pillow their comments run through our mind.

The majority of the people viewing our work have wonderful things to say. They love the colors, design and most of all….the feeling of the work. Sound familiar?

But for some unknown reason these comments are brushed off. It is as if it was Mother saying these wonderful things about the paintings… (we all know what Mothers say is put in a category of…oh, that’s just Mom talking)

Here is the thing to remember…Yes, you are imperfect, the paintings you create are imperfect but every artist in the world is imperfect.

You are not alone with your beautiful imperfections.

Each time you stand in front of a blank canvas or paper you gather your courage to create a painting that offers each viewer a new world to love.

You create!

With that said, I would love to hear from you…

Have you ever left a show depressed even though the show was fabulous?

Do you feel vulnerable showing your work?

Share your comment below…

Until next time
Create Brilliantly,

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