5 Reasons Your Art Is Not Selling

You started painting not too long ago and now you really want to be able to sell your work.  The big problem is your work isn’t selling and you don’t know why.

You are disappointed in your lack of sales and perhaps are asking yourself if you have “what it takes” to be a real artist.

Let’s look at some possible reasons why your work isn’t selling.

Here are some thoughts to consider:

Too much color.  Oh, but you say…everyone loves color!  Yes, most people love color but too much is a turn off.  When you have too much color the painting seems to be screaming instead of having a normal conversation.

Your shapes lead the viewer away from the center of interest.

Remember, your painting is like a roadmap.  Your job is to take the viewer on an interesting journey and the final destination is the center of interest.  If your shapes take the viewer away from the center of interest the viewer gets confused and moves on to another painting.

Also remember, nine times out of ten, the viewer doesn’t know why they lost interest in the painting…they just know something didn’t work.

There is no interest in your “center of interest”.  When the viewer reaches the center of interest give them enough eye candy to want to stay and look around.  Entertain them. Make your center of interest so intriguing they don’t want to leave.

You forgot to add your dark value.  When your painting is all the same value it lacks vitality and depth.  Put some darks in and you will be surprised how the painting comes alive.  Adding your darks feels risky but without the dark value the light values never shine.

Design? What design!  A strong design is the foundation of any painting.  Understanding and then knowing how to apply the Elements and Principles of design is essential in creating a strong memorable painting. Make sure you are comfortable with your design before you begin applying color.

I know how it is…the excitement mounts when the canvas or paper comes out.  You are ready to dig into the paint and you forget about the What, How and Why.  What are you painting, How are you going to express your what and Why are you creating this painting.

Time to take a deep breath and look at your paintings with eyes that ask questions.  

Let me know if this helps…leave your comment below.

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Create brilliantly,


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