What if…

There are a lot of “what if’s” in the world, but which ones do you choose to define your world?

What if I was the worst artist in the workshop.

What if people laughed at my paintings.

What if you are caught as the artistic fraud you know you are.

What if your painting is rejected…and all your fellow artists get into the show.

What if your muse never returns.

What if you let fear rule your creative life.

What if fear becomes your best friend? After all fear keeps you from doing things where you might fail….fear is good…yes?



What if your creative juices fill your studio with ease

What if your painting was rejected and you learned what your painting needed in order to become more sophisticated.

What if you learned to dance with your fear.

What if you and fear became friends.

What if you got rid of your “buts” and said “Yes” to yourself more often.  ( I want to write my art book that I know others would love “but” I’m afraid to even start.   I have always wanted to enter that big national show “but” I’m afraid I won’t be accepted)

What if you believed you were a really good artist.

What if it were true.

What if

Would you treat yourself different?

Would you stand taller?

Would you have more confidence?

Would you smile and say “Yes, I am an Artist!”

Then believe….because you are.

Until next time…

Create Brilliantly,
– gwen


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