Can’t Bear To Fail At Something You Want So Much

Ever wonder if you can create something uniquely yours? Ever ask the question…should I even try?

If you’ve felt this “artistic pull” I bet you have encountered many questions and a lot of fear. An example of this is a woman I talked to the other day…

I’m sixty-five (this age could be 35, 55 or 85). Many artists have reached their peak in their forties or fifties. Aren’t I too old to just be starting? I long to create but I’m so afraid of failing that I can’t bear to begin. I can’t bear to fail at something I want so much.

If this sounds like you I bet you have slammed that creative voice down so hard and you hope it sure as hell shuts up. Then you can go with your life.

But that creative voice won’t shut up. She is a crucial part of you. She is your future.

Perhaps 2019 is the year to treat her with kindness.

And because of this perhaps 2019 is the year you blossom.

Perhaps this is the year you give birth to YOU.

Got questions on how to begin…email me at

It is my goal to help you become the artist you dream of being.

Until next time…

Create Brilliantly

– gwen

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