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Here are three simple questions to ask yourself when discovering your artistic process.

Do you normally start your painting with a thumbnail sketch or do you use a more free form style. Perhaps you do both…I know I do as I get bored easily. Even if you use both styles there is usually something similar between the styles.

For example, how do you apply the paint? Is it similar in each style? This is when you pay close attention to see if there are any parallels.

After you have transferred your design, or even if there is no design… what is the first thing you do when you approach your canvas or paper?
For example…I use transparent colors to break the white space but I leave a lot of white . I usually use the same transparent colors in doing this. This is a pattern I use almost one hundred percent of the time.

Now that you have broken the surface do you layer your colors? Do you use calm strokes or are your strokes filled with energy. It isn’t a matter of right or wrong but a matter of understanding your authentic way of creating.

Continue making observations during your painting to determine your unique process. Write them down in a notebook.

Will your process change over the course of your career? Yes, but there will be some things that will always remain the same.

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