Are You Worth It?

Over the last 20 years I have spent well over $100,000 learning how to be a successful artist.

What to do, what not to do

How to take failure and turn it into success

The art of rejection

How to talk about my art so it is irresistible to collectors

Understanding Design, Color, Value and Edges

Developing Confidence

The list goes on and on.

Has the price tag been worth it?  You bet it has. I now make a very comfortable living with my art.

I need to ask you a personal question…how important is your art to you and do you want to make it more than a hobby?

Are you investing in yourself?

Does the investment you are considering make you uncomfortable?

Perfect…it means you are stretching and stretching means growth and growth means success.

Or…are you afraid because you feel guilty spending money on something that may or may not come true.

Your dream of becoming the artist you always wanted to be is totally up to you.

Will it take $100,000?


After years of study I created the Master Class. It is filled with the keys to artistic success and freedom.

  • 7 modules
  • 7 Q&A’s
  • Assignments
  • Critiques
  • Hot Seats
  • Video
  • Demos
  • PDF’s
  • Private FB group
  • One on One with me

3 months long

$1497…payment plan available

20 years condensed into 3 months… filled with the best…it is the cream of the cream.

Starts March 7th

Think about it…

Are you worth it?


Learn More About The Masterclass

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