Be Kind To Yourself

I have decided to make April “Be Kind to Yourself Month”.  

Actually this should encompass a full year but let’s start with one month and grow bigger each year.

I don’t know about you, but there are times when I am in the studio I get frustrated with myself and say things I shouldn’t.  I am the only one in the room….with the exception of Wilson and Sage ( my two German Shepherds) so no one hears the vile words I sling my way.

Wilson and Sage know things aren’t right as they cock their heads and sometimes leave the room.  The energy has changed and they feel it.

The energy has also changed within myself and nothing good comes from this modification.  The painting isn’t working and neither am I.

I have decided to change this habit of demeaning conversation, and still love the painting that is staring at me with disgust.

In order to create something of value there must be a feeling of trust and respect between you and the painting, your writing or sculpting.  We all have the right to be frustrated when what we are creating doesn’t work but demeaning yourself only exasperates the problem.

Perhaps you don’t do this and if you don’t….Congratulations….you are one in a million.  

Here is the saying that has helped me change how I think…how I talk to my self and how I act when things go wrong.

Be kinder to yourself – then let your kindness flood the world.

Comment below to let me know if this helps you like it has helped me.

Until next time…

Create brilliantly,

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