What Does it Take

What does it take to go beyond your family and friends loving your art to getting into galleries?

I bet you hear this all the time:

your work is really good, you should be in a gallery.

However, your family and friends loving your work is totally different than how a gallery will feel about your work.

The question is…how do you know when your work is gallery ready?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself…

  • Have you been accepted into juried shows?  If so, then you know your work stands out from other artists.
  • Does your work sell?
  • Have instructors suggested you should be in a gallery?
  • Are you ready to be accountable to the gallery should you be accepted?
  • Is gallery representation what you want?

If you have answered “yes” to these questions and are still unsure then set an appointment with a professional artist you trust and respect and ask their opinion.  There will be a charge for this service so make sure you know the amount ahead of time.

This move from where you are to where you dream of being is a big one.  It is big both mentally and professionally.

Remember, galleries are always looking for new art and new artists to represent.  It takes courage to do this as you are revealing your soul and your inner being. Your paintings are your babies!

You may get an answer from the gallery that is disappointing…that is OK.  There are many galleries in the world so keep going.

If you truly believe in your art, never ever give up!

Until next time…

Create Brilliantly!


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