Making Money With Your Art

I hear it all the time…

I want to make money with my art.

However, most artists won’t spend the money to get the support they need.


There are many reasons:

  1. Fear: fear of not succeeding, fear of wasting their money, fear of the unknown.  Fear will rule your life if you let it.
  2. Lack of belief in themselves and their artistic ability
  3. Failure: Everyone is afraid of failure!  You are no different so throw away this excuse and feel the fear and do it anyway.

Investing in your husband and children feels right, but investing in yourself is scary. 

Let me ask you this…what if you invested in yourself and made enough money to take your family on a dream vacation?

What if you got into a prestigious gallery?

What if?

Here is exactly what you need to know….

The money you make from your art is in direct proportion to your artistic growth.

Oh, I bet you are thinking….that’s easy for you to say but I can’t afford to invest in my art.  My situation is different.  

Actually no.  I had to borrow money to get coached when I first decided to do this for myself. 

I put the amount on a credit card that didn’t charge interest for 18 months…I paid it off in 12 months.  I got the coaching I needed and never paid interest on my investment….that was a swinging deal!

This changed my art, my life and my future.

Not investing in yourself is holding you back from being the artist you have always dreamed of being.

As Nike would say…

Just do it!

Would love to hear your thoughts on this issue…


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