Getting ready for 2020

Where do you want to be in your art one year from now?

This is not only a new year it is new Decade!

I bet you want to make this your best year ever but how are you going to go about achieving this?

Here is a way I accomplish what I want for the new year and it is by dividing the year into 90 days.  I learned this from Todd Herman, creator of the 90 Day Year Program.

One day when you are free from hassle take a notebook and write down what you would love to achieve next year.

After you have finished your list take that list and break it into four segments….this is your 90 day breakdown.

  1. January – March
  2. April – June
  3. July – September
  4. October – December

The following tips are from Todd’s advice as well as what I have found is the best way to use it with my art.

Choose around 3 – 5 outcome goals for each 90 day period. 

Choosing more than 3 -5 can be overwhelming. I write them in a notebook that I use everyday or put them on my large whiteboard I have in my studio.

I now break down these goals into two week increments.  This way I can measure what I get done and I can check it off my list.  This is always feel great to be able to check things off my list that are completed.

Your goals may be to paint three times a week or go to the Monet exhibit and study his brushstrokes.

Remember each outcome goal ( one of the 3 – 5 you have selected for the 90 day period) needs a few ways you are going to get them done.  This is referred to as performance goals.

Now here is the secret…your performance goals won’t happen unless you set a time to complete them.   If it is in your calendar to have this done by whatever date you have chosen it will get done. If you haven’t established a deadline chances are it will slide and not get done.


I have decided I need to get into better physical shape so I have committed to go to the gym 3 days a week.

I then discovered if I don’t do it early in the morning I won’t do it.  I am too busy, too tired or something comes up that keeps me from going to the gym.

Because of this I am at the gym at 5:30am Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

This has become easy for me because I get my gym clothes together the night before.  This way when I get out of bed there isn’t any doubt about getting ready.  Get my clothes on and step out the door,

Now I ask you…who wants to go to the gym?  I am not thrilled about it but I love the feeling of having been.


I don’t want you to wait until next year to start this method.

What would you like to accomplish by December 30th?

Let’s say you want to develop a website…

Break this down into two week increments…

What will you need to do the first two weeks?

Find a place to host your website.

No technical skills

FASO is easy

This is research time!

What will you need to do the second two weeks…

You have done your research and now have decided where you want your website to be.

Now…write your content….your artist statement, select the paintings you want to have on your site.

Third week….Post all your information on your website and push publish!!!

This brings you to the 30th of December… have something you have wanted and it is done.


The majority of artists will not take the time to figure this out so I want to know if YOU will do this….

Post in the comment section.

A year from now seems like a long way away but in a blink of an eye it will be 2020.

Breaking down your year to the 90 day cycle you know exactly what you need to do each week.  Seeing your progress builds confidence plus you know you are on your way to reaching your goal.

The majority of artists will not do the 90 day year and next December they will wonder where the year went.  They will, unfortunately, not be where they want to be with their art.

Don’t let this be you.

If you have decided to try this method and make 2020 your best art year ever then


You are one of the few willing to work on your goals and for this I am proud of you.

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Until next time…

Create brilliantly



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