Working From The Inside Out

How deep have you gone into your creativity, your thoughts, your life? 

Scary isn’t it. Digging deep means you have to remove the barriers you have so graciously placed to protect yourself.  

Digging deep means removing many levels of dirt in order to get to the “real stuff”.  Fear is the not knowing what the “real stuff” is. Will you be ashamed of what you find?  Will it be more or less of what is acceptable to you and to others? What if you find nothing?

Finding nothing would be the absolute worst…blank, empty, airless, void of emotion, void of meaning…is this really what you want to look for?  Is it worth it ?

But here is the true value in digging deep…

You will know your value, what you have to offer, what you are made of what you came here to do,…you will KNOW…knowing has immense value for it tells us we are here for a purpose.

Digging deep into your creativity gives you your uniqueness and that uniqueness is your strength.

When we look deep inside we find the most valuable piece of ourselves imaginable.  We find our depth, we find who we really, really, are, we find our creativity.

Working from the inside out means we see things differently.  We see things as they are not as we think they are.  

When we work from the inside out we develop ideas that are not the norm to the world. An idea or a painting that is not only different but as Seth Godin says …is the Purple Cow.  The Purple Cow is not what someone is looking for but when they see it they want it .

Your Purple Cow comes from working from within yourself to bring out the best ….what you knew was there but was afraid to offer to others.

Let me know if you are willing to find your Purple Cow…

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