Fear can spread like wildfire

Fear can spread like wildfire.  It blocks our energy and with our expansive imagination as artists it stops us in our tracks.

I am looking around my home and rethinking how l live.  I am asking myself how I can simplify?

How can I become a better global citizen?

How can I create art with meaning during this time?

How can I contribute to my local community?

How can I inspire others to step forward and believe in their creative gift and its importance in the world.

With any crisis comes a birth.  This birth will become our new normal.  It will be better, clearer and more inclusive than the one we just left behind. We will discover new ways of creating, helping and recognizing we are all one.

Now is the time to ask this one question….What does this crisis make possible for you?  How can you look at things in a different way so you will grow?

As you are sequestered in your home use this time to think and to connect with who you are and what you have to offer and also connect with others in a deeper way.

Ask yourself….What are people needing now that you are uniquely qualified to offer?

Some of you are thinking….I am just me…I don’t have anything to offer that means anything.  I am just a normal person.

This is the old way of thinking so we are going to throw that thought process out the window with the bath water. 


You have a way with words that comfort.  

You may be that special baker who knows when a person needs a batch of warm oatmeal raisin cookies fresh from the oven that says “you are not alone”.  

You may offer your gift through humor which gives people a way of destressing. 

Your gift may be to listen without judgement or perhaps you can teach a method of creating that others would love to learn. 

What you offer doesn’t have to elegant, professional or special but offered with clarity of love.

It is time to accept your uniqueness and use it for the good of the whole.

Perhaps one of the beautiful things that will come out of this crisis is you will come out of your cocoon and become the butterfly of creative light that you were destined to be.

A light you never recognized you had.  You will grow into the artist that creates from deep within your soul and you will say hello to the person that is hiding under the disguise of normal.

This is a difficult time but let’s each do our part of holding up the creative sun.

Don’t wish it….do it!

Let’s do this together.

Our New Normal from gwen fox on Vimeo.

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