Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day…what a wonderful day to celebrate someone super special. 

If by chance you say you are not a Mother I beg to differ as I bet you are a Mother to something…a dog, cat, bird, flowers, etc.  

In my humble opinion we don’t have to give birth to be a Mother.  We as artists give birth to our creativity each time we paint.  

I remember my sweet wonderful Mother as strong, giving, gentle and very, very patient.  As she was dying of leukemia I flew from England to Morristown Tennessee to be with her.  I stayed with her in her hospital room for a month and to this day consider it to be one of the most rewarding times of my life.

My Mother taught me a lot during my growing up years but she taught me more during her death.  As the days passed I realized I didn’t know some major things about her that I wanted to know.  Each afternoon became “the question period”.  Mother loved this time as she got to talk about her life, her hopes and her dreams.  

It was her stories that I cherish but one afternoon I got the nerve to ask a question I wondered if it might be upsetting to her.  The questions was….Is there anything you regret?

To my surprise her answer was swift and firm.

I never bought a pair of red shoes.

Red Shoes?  That was her life time regret?

“Why didn’t you purchase a pair of red shoes if you really wanted them?”

Because they weren’t practical.

That was my Mother.

Mother passed about a week later and I flew back home to England.  When my plane landed my first stop was Harrods of London.  I went straight to the shoe department and there on a stand, waiting just for me, was a pair of beautiful red shoes.  They had my size.  I purchased them and looked to the heavens and said…these are for you Mother.

I wear red shoes every chance I get and each time I put them on I think of my Mother and her love for all she met.

Happy Mother’s Day


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