The False Perception of Creativity

You are having coffee with your friends and one of them turns to you and says:

It must be great to be able to create a beautiful painting each time you go into the studio.  Such fun…you are so lucky!

You stare at them and realize they think you waltz into your studio each morning and easily…the key work here is “easily”…create a painting you are proud of.  

Wow…this is so far from reality you are speechless.

Don’t you wish it were that easy?

I don’t know about you, but many of my paintings have several paintings under the one that finally decided to be born.


It is hard work and often disappointing especially when the image you see clearly in your mind doesn’t make it to your hand.

Creativity takes constant sharpening of the saw.  It takes determination, courage and love …plus it takes persistence.  

It also takes courage to produce something you love and others share with you they can’t wait till you get back to creating the good stuff.

Creativity is like anything else…it needs to be fed, stroked and challenged.  

I am often asked how to do this in order to keep you in “flow”.

One way is to take a workshop.  One that is creatively stimulating and free from judgment.

You want and need a workshop that stretches you and takes you beyond your perceived limitations.   

I invite you to check out my workshops offered this summer and fall.   I bet they are exactly what you are looking for.

Come and feed your soul and awaken your heart.

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